Week Recap – Letter U, Reading Qq, Sight Word “am”

We’re a little late on this recap, I’m hoping to get them out on Sundays so you can see what we’ve done.

Last week happened to be Littlest Giant’s birthday! So a lot of our time was dedicated to celebrating and doing things that are SUPER fun! I’ll make another post all about that with pictures and everything.

In all of our fun stuff, we still did all the activities we were hoping to do to keep little brains learning, although I didn’t get her pull box made, that might happen tomorrow. 🙂

While we used many activities from my two favorite curricula (posts coming soon on those, promise!) Grammy also did a fun day of building with toothpicks, marshmallows, and our Kool Aid play dough!

Another thing that we started doing was journaling our activities, both for posterity and to be in the habit for when we need proof of what we’ve done.

We played the “Up Game” again last week, which looked a lot like trying to keep a balloon off the ground. Switching the balloon for other objects made this a fun and slightly more challenging game. Spelling “up” and reading the word “up” kept this sight activity on track 
This took us to the “Am” Scavenger Hunt. This was a lot more centered on personal space and awareness of his body. Grab a stack of sticky notes, write “am” and an action. Place them around the house. Ours were “am jumping”, “am sitting”, “am running”. Easy actions that got him moving and also reading! When you find a sticky note, frame the word “am” with your fingers when you’re reading. We said, “I…….”(while searching) “AM running!” (when we found the sticky note and then did the action. It was SUPER fun and burned some energy! 

What are you learning this week? Sunday we’ll update what we’re doing!


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