Here we GROW!!! 

Finally got some planting done this past week. Gid is eagerly awaiting the first little shoots from his seeds. He calls them,”the babies”.

Next month starts our Garden unit and though the plan was to have them a little farther along, in hopeful we’ll get a lot of good learning opportunities as we transition into bigger planters. 

We also try to be mindful of items we can reuse, so those of you that use K-cups will probably recognize our seedling planters. 😁 

We also took time to propagate African violets from my beautiful Mama plant. Many people have said they like the multicolor violets, but I adore the happy, little, blue blooms on my kitchen windowsill next to my orchids. 

I’ll try to keep you apprised of how the plants are coming. I didn’t get tomatoes planted this year, but peppers, two kinds of peas, and garden beans SHOULD keep me busy enough with all their viney goodness. 

Growing our own food and eating food that grows is just one simple way we have changed our lifestyle. 

Do you have a green thumb? What do you like to grow? 

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2 Responses to Here we GROW!!! 

  1. carolee says:

    Everything! Veg, flowers, herbs….but I’m not gifted with African violets. Love preserving my harvests and using that goodness throughout the winter.

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