Did I mention we got Goldfish?

Well, we did. It’s been a week.

Last week one of the object lessons ended up including a goldfish. Since we had two different areas that needed to see this lesson, there were two. Remember how we home school and how next month we’re talking about ponds and ecosystems and how everything is connected? We needed some small fish or snails for a two liter ecosystem experiment…so when I asked what they were going to do with these fish and the answer was, “why, do you want them?” I may have said,”OF COURSE!”

Yeah, so last Sunday we came home from Grammy’s and after the kids went to bed, I ran to WalMart…twice. Now, what y’all don’t know is that I used to keep a 60 gallon fresh water and a 20 gallon fresh water tank, so I MAY have a little Tim Allen complex when it comes to tanks and I’m not at all happy with the size or decoration of the tank…but that’s not the important part.

The important part is that the kids LOVE the fish. It took about 24 hours before they had names, Micah and Bob. But every morning Gideon talks to them and he is in charge of feeding them as well. I know at some point the newness will wear off, but he still prays for the bird and cat, so I think they’ll be ok. 🙂

Anyway, our zoo is now increased to 4 humans, 1 big cat, 1 medium bird, and two fish. I don’t know where our partridge is, but I’m glad he’s not in our apartment, I don’t know where we’d put him!

So, good night from me…and Micah and Bob.

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