Weekly Update – V, J, and to

Hello there friends!

I know I’m late getting these up this time, however, life just gets going sometimes.

The week of the 13th to the 17th brought us writing the letter V, reading the letter J, and the sight word to. We tried to find words that started with V in all of our normal activities and toys. We found Victor, the red engine from Thomas and Friends; velociraptor, but decided they weren’t our favorite; and valley, because we live in the Central Valley!

Our emergent reader had words like jet and jacket to learn the sound of the letter in words. We also started looking for the word ‘to’ in the sentences. Did you know that ‘to’ is a VERY popular word? Or as Gideon says, “that’s a lot of ‘to’s, Mama!”

Gideon and Grammy also spent Tuesday working with color! We picked up another can of shaving cream and while I was at Phemom, they added food coloring to see what the different prime colors would do when combined. He had fun squishing the bags! They made index cards to show the results of their experiment. 🙂 They also moistened coffee filters and watched drops of food coloring soak around and blend together.

We go to story hour every Wednesday at the library and they talked about bugs and read a Miss Spider book and Fly! Gideon colored a snail with dot stampers and then decided he needed to save snails on our walks. 🙂

Sometimes I don’t feel like we do enough, and then I look back and realize we do a lot of learning through doing. And I love it!

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