Weekly Update – W, V, and Go

This week was a little different, Grammy had her Silver Connections group on Tuesday and my table had snacks at Phemom so we didn’t have a ‘normal’ Tuesday, however, we still went to Story Hour and ended up making a really awesome craft!

This week we decorated with W! Because zig zags look a lot like W it was easy to make all sorts of fun designs on paper and then frame the W with our fingers. Gideon connected W to the walrus in Phonics Farm and went around being a whiny walrus. There were mixed feelings about this. 🙂

In reading the letter V, we talked about volcanoes, vans, violins, vegetables, and vultures. He really liked reading V because he could identify all the pictures! The only part that was a little weird was when he asked to go to the volcano as the emergent reader suggests! I laughed and we had a little lesson about what volcanoes are and why that probably wouldn’t be a good idea.

At story time we talked about baby animals and did a couple really fun finger plays. Gideon got to be a flower for the buzzing bee and he was one of the only kids to not jump when the teacher took his flower. There were a lot of kids there because of the rain so he sat with us most of the time. Animal masks were the craft for the day and Gideon chose to color a cat. Abby hasn’t gotten her hands on it yet, so it is intact. 🙂

We had two fun art projects this week, one was a ceramic train piggy bank that Gideon painted all by himself and now calls it his Beautiful Train, and the other were bird feeders! We did some experimenting to see if the toilet paper roll was sticky enough for the bird seed all on it’s own, and finally decided that we did, indeed, need the peanut butter to make everything come together. He made 4 feeders and we placed them all around Grammy’s to attract birds while we were there hanging out. Now he points out seed and feeders whenever he sees them.

It’s amazing the connections his brain will make between the activities we do and the world around him. There are so many opportunities to help him interact with the every day and learn more about it. 🙂 Nothing is boring if everything teaches you something. Watching him concentrate on painting his train, and the pride and ownership he now has of it is a priceless gift to me.

Another big thing we started with him was his allowance. A penny per chore and they all go into his Beautiful Train. 🙂 After we make saving a good habit, we’ll move on to spending. LOL

What’s going on in your home this week? What have you been learning? What are your favorite parts of teaching and being taught by your kids?

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