Cutting Away the Dead Leaves

Hello again friends!

You know what I did yesterday? I finished all the gardening things I needed to do. Replanted some things, propagated some plants, started some news seeds. This also meant that I went through and cut out the dead stuff.

There was one particular fern planter that I had been sort of neglecting. Sure I kept watering it and made sure it was happy, but I hadn’t cleared out any dead growth or added new soil in a while. Nothing new could grow. Don’t ask why I hadn’t cleared out the old, dead growth. I guess I was hopeful that it would regrow green and even more beautiful as I had see some do.

The truth was that it was scraggly and choking itself to death. This made me think a little about some situations in my life that need to be addressed. There are conversations to be had and they won’t be comfortable, they’ll rip somethings up…but in the end it’ll make room for new growth. Just like my fern, some parts may look alive, but when you start getting to the root, you find that there’s nothing there and it’s better to just cut it all out.

I have a lot of growing to do and I’ve got some amazing goals both professionally and personally, so I don’t have time for the truly dead things to keep me back and choke out the potential for the rest of my life.

Ending with this: if there are conversations to be had, habits to be abandoned, or just some gardening to do…do it. It won’t always be comfortable, but it’ll be worth it!

love you all,

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