Next month I get the amazing gift of going to the JuicePlus+ Live leader event! I’m so excited! Break out sessions, hugging and meeting all the people in my extended JP network…AND this one is where I finally get my hands on our newest blend…Omega!

Now, if you haven’t clicked on JuicePlus+ up in the navigation bar and read what I have to say there, my excitement may seem a little weird. Let’s just say I swear by the products and now we get one more tool in our arsenal for this Healthy Living Revolution!

Omega Blend is all plant based and VEGAN. Guys, I know so many people that take an omega supplement “because it’s so good for you, I just gag it down to get past the taste and smell”.

I have a lot of reading to do to make sure I’m up to snuff on the details, but it’s kind of a game changer. The number one thing that people eating JuicePlus+ use outside of the Orchard, Garden, and Vineyard blends is a fish oil/omega pill.

Off to get caught up on the details or y’all!

love you all,

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