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Update: Color Your Plate Challenge

Hey y’all! Ok, how did you do? I must admit, it was tempting to check every box every day because I have JuicePlus as a part of my diet, HOWEVER, I didn’t cheat and I filled out my page just … Continue reading

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Color Your Plate Challenge!

Hello again friends! Wanting to finish the month out STRONG I’m posting a challenge to start today and finish the end of the month. You ready? Your homework: Eat at least one food from every color in the rainbow every … Continue reading

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Post Your Plate!

I’m always talking about community building and I really want to get us growing and supporting each other. I’ll be doing this on InstaGram as well (if you don’t follow me yet, you should. I post A LOT there) Here’s … Continue reading

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Weekly Updates – Into Review

We’ve been in review mode for the past few weeks. Writing and reading letters, some games. Our units are different, so we have some different activities. Story Time also ended at last month so we don’t have that going. This … Continue reading

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Organizing My Life: Bullet Journaling

This may turn into a series, we’ll see. I have so many blog posts that I need to get up and set for y’all. I thought I’d tackle a question I get a lot: how do you do all this?!?!? … Continue reading

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