Organizing My Life: Bullet Journaling

This may turn into a series, we’ll see. I have so many blog posts that I need to get up and set for y’all.

I thought I’d tackle a question I get a lot: how do you do all this?!?!? It’s usually from someone starting their journey. They’re overwhelmed and feel like they just can’t do anything. This is part of why accountability is so important. You can’t change in a bubble. The moment you feel you’ve failed, you stop…and sometimes you don’t get bac up.

I’ve always been a “paper brain” kind of person. (You can thank my Dad for that phrase) In 6th grade I was handed an “agenda book” and told to write my homework in it. And I LOVED it. Little Manda was in heaven having a place to write things down. In high school our “agenda” was given a little more space, because you know, we had more to do. (hah!) In college I toyed with planners that were kind of like the agenda I had used, I switched between a few. This was before Erin Condren and Happy Planners were all the rage. I settled in with Day Timer, they had a few different options and eventually, as a professional, I used the two page per day spread that had a schedule built in and a place for my notes. Of course, I’m also an obsessive note taker (ask anyone that has seen me in a lecture or at a gathering on Sunday morning, it’s almost an issue.) So, I needed more space. I started with a wire bound notebook and wrote in the schedule and to do list sections that were in my Day Timer. It was effective…until I became a mom and started my own business. Where did I put everything? Do I need to separate them all into different notebooks? That’s a lot to carry in an already packed diaper bag! How do I keep everything…together?

After the birth of my second kiddo and the growth of my business and team…I realized I need something that would contain EVERYTHING. I was tired of having everything separate, I didn’t want my devotions in their own notebook…I wanted my life to be together. Enter a chance encounter on YouTube with a video about the Bullet Journal. Look it up,  you’ll find a lot of videos on how people do it, the creator…there are even hashtags dedicated to it. People are LOVING it…and here’s why: it is 100% you. You make it what you want. Would I love to have mind be prettier and more colorful like the videos on Boho Berry’s channel? Sure, but I don’t have to make it that way and spend time I don’t have doing it.

My bullet journal is a modified version of what you’ll see in videos, in fact, I’ll probably make a few videos on how my journal evolved to where it is today. I don’t use the “typical” journal for it, I don’t draw out all my own daily stuff…I print a lot and tape it in with pretty washi tape! My journal is monthly, I use a lot of note pages so a 100 page composition book works for about a month for me. I’ll do a flip through for y’all soon, promise.

How do I do it? I don’t. I keep it all together, give myself grace and migrate things to the next day. 🙂 Seriously, don’t try to do it all in one day…and get yourself a bullet journal, your brain will thank you. 🙂

Until the next post!
M 🙂

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