The Spiral

Isn’t it interesting how one thing can set us off our balance and create a spiral. There are several things that could have been the one thing back at the beginning of October, and many after those that kept creating a spiral that seems to have ended here.

It’s about 2am and I am updating y’all on life and getting ready to see family for Thanksgiving.

What have we been doing? We had to scale back the activities that we do each week in our paper school work to add other kinds of learning experiences in. we had a two night trip in Santa Maria, Halloween, six family birthdays including Brian and myself, Boutique, and Women’s Luncheon. We also started helping on Wednesday evenings again in the kid’s ministry. A bit busy as you can see.

I will say, I struggled at the beginning of October. For some reason Mom not being here hit even harder this year…however, I appreciated Brian’s Mom even more through all that. How can I even explain the deep way I love that woman? When she’s gone on a trip, things are just less fun, less full of life.

Sometimes things have to take priority. Family things, life things. I am sorry I didn’t put something up sooner. I do have the app, I just happened to fall asleep more nights than not or had things I had to work on before being able to open up a tab here. Your patience through it all is truly appreciated.

It’s hard to build a community here when I’m not here, but also very hard to prioritize when I feel pulled in so many directions during a hard season.

We’re moving into Thanksgiving and then starts the Christmas season around here. Since I was about 12 years old I have decorated the day after Thanksgiving. I took it over so that my mom wouldn’t worry or feel guilty for working instead of decorating and so that she could come home to a home in the midst of celebration.

Since Gideon was born, we’ve developed our own traditions and some probably aren’t what you think they are. We do go walk Christmas Tree Lane, and plan Caroling with our friends…but we also watch every Christmas special from Doctor Who that is available to us. Some big, some little…all important traditions.

I’ll bring you along during the next month as we do and live. It may be a wordless picture filled post…but we’ll be there together. Let’s chalk the last 6 weeks up to self care of the most important kind.

Be good to yourselves.

Happy Thanksgiving!
M 🙂

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