Hey there!

Hopefully you came here on purpose. This is where you get to know me a little bit.

Who is this random Manda person that keeps posting and talking about her family, health, preschool, and crafts? Is she really multiple people, or does she have multiple personalities?


Well, I’m a California Peach. Born near Los Angeles, California, my family moved to Norcross, Georgia when I was 8 years old. I now live in the beautiful, and HOT, Central Valley of California with my amazing, nerdy husband, Brian; the littlest giant, Gideon; and my mini-me, Abby. As you may have noticed, my time in the south has shaped a lot of who I am. I can’t bring myself to wear light colored bottoms any time after Labor Day or before Memorial Day, but I have the laid back hippie nature of many a California girl.


I love all purple things ever, gardening, crafting, reading, doing silly things with my kids and have been on a renewed lifestyle journey for almost two years.

Someone once told me that to have a successful blog, I needed to focus on one thing. Have a niche and speak to one specific group of people…but that just isn’t me. It has to be the whole picture or nothing at all. So, here we are. If it’s too much sensory overload for you, I’m deeply sorry…I’m kind of a multiple projects gal.

I love talking health with people. I love making art projects with my son and crocheting something new and weird for my friends and family. I don’t want to just share a snapshot. The goal is real, authentic community and to do that, I’m showing you all sorts of parts of my life. I’ll have links to all the things, I’ll talk about my health journey and my family…and you’ll probably end up with some very personal posts.

I want you to thrive, and I want to help you get there. I’m spreading healthy living, joyful life, and creative crafting around the world. Come with me? It’ll be a bumpy, fun, over the top ride…but it’ll be so so so worth it. 🙂





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