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Post Your Plate!

I’m always talking about community building and I really want to get us growing and supporting each other. I’ll be doing this on InstaGram as well (if you don’t follow me yet, you should. I post A LOT there) Here’s … Continue reading

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Organizing My Life: Bullet Journaling

This may turn into a series, we’ll see. I have so many blog posts that I need to get up and set for y’all. I thought I’d tackle a question I get a lot: how do you do all this?!?!? … Continue reading

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Cutting Away the Dead Leaves

Hello again friends! You know what I did yesterday? I finished all the gardening things I needed to do. Replanted some things, propagated some plants, started some news seeds. This also meant that I went through and cut out the … Continue reading

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Did I mention we got Goldfish?

Well, we did. It’s been a week. Last week one of the object lessons ended up including a goldfish. Since we had two different areas that needed to see this lesson, there were two. Remember how we home school and … Continue reading

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