I am extremely honored to work with the JuicePlus+ Company to provide the most amazing concentrated nutrition products as tools to help my friends, family, and customers get their health journey underway.

Why did I choose JuicePlus and not some other company to work with? I have a couple really BIG reasons.

  1. Kid safe – I knew my son would be all over me to share my tasty treats with him and I wanted something that would be for our whole family. Because all the ingredients are whole fruits, veggies, berries and grains, I didn’t have to worry about my husband, son, or daughter getting into anything that could be harmful.
  2. The research – It is comprehensive and ongoing. Not only are the studies published in prestigious medical journals, they are double blind, diamond standard. As crazy as it may sound, this made my Mama heart so happy. I knew that what the company was saying was true.
  3. NSF Certified – This third party comes in and tests every batch to make sure what’s on the label is in the bottle and what’s in the bottle is on the label. It also certifies no heavy metals, pesticides, and harmful chemical are contained in the products.
  4. Nutrition Label – Speaking of labels, all the products carry a nutrition label. It’s all FOOD and is under more strict guidelines than anything carrying a supplement label.
  5.  Affordable – If I told you to go buy a days’ worth of fruits and veggies, how much would it cost? More than $2.50? Guaranteed. An apple alone will cost you at leas .50 cents, so how are you going to get 7 to 13 servings every day when you’re not used to getting more than 2 or 3 servings. We get the complete nutrition from 30 vine ripened, better than organic, fruits, veggies, berries and gluten free grains every day. It’s kind of amazing.

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