Ah, preschool! That time in life where everything is a game and emotions are BIG BIG BIG! If you don’t know a preschooler, you should find time to get to know one. They’re full of life and energy. They’re all around honest and full of insight you may not know you needed!

How do I know these things? Our current season finds us tackling Homeschool Preschool for our four year old. I’m going to try to keep up with our schedule with at least a weekly post on what activities we’re doing and any curriculum we’re using. You’ll find any and all of that here!

Hover over the word Homeschool on the main navigation bar to get to the drop down menu of activities, weekly recap, curriculum and MORE!

Anything I do with Miss Abby is either tied into the lessons with Gid or will be tagged “Toddler” accordingly.