Hey y’all, hey!


Bear with me, we’re catching up with all the projects going on! More than halfway through October and my health focus on #smallwins to remember that small steps make big impact in the habits I’m continually forming.

This month we’ve studied the Harvest Moon, Leaves, and Trees so far! With some awesome videos that really explained some fun things about all three! We also did all the main paper lessons that we always do. I love that he asks to do his lessons, it’s really has made this whole thing easier.

At the end of the month we’ll be at the beach again, only this time probably making sand castles and getting some vitamin sea!

Boutique is coming up and those projects are all consuming! From growth charts to crochet blankets, we’ve really made a lot of amazing things for people to give and receive with everything going directly to awesome projects that affect kids in our community. I am so thankful to be a part of such a wonder group!

A lot happening this month, I’ll update the best that I can!

We’re about the whole life. From the foods we put into our bodies to the things we learn. We want a whole lifestyle, not a compartment.

Join me!

Manda 🙂