Hey y’all, hey!

Ready for September! This month we start a lot of new things!

I’ll be doing #ProjectBasics taking us back to the big four basics in One Simple Change: Drinking More Water, Eating Real Food, Moving More, and Getting More Sleep. I’m going to work out a way to track it for you guys, maybe weekly instead of daily, but it’ll be here. These are all things that I try to work on each day, so it’ll be nice to have a more intentional focus on all of them.

We’ll also be starting three different structured curricula: Reading the ABCs, Writing the ABCs – both these include some math and science work. We’ll also be starting Exploring Nature with Children, mostly science, but there is a journaling component.

Starting this month we’ll also be keeping everything in a notebook. A new one each month for our calendar of firsts, art projects, practice and worksheets. Hopefully keeping everything more organized and providing a great keepsake for him. 🙂

I’m also working on a 6 week Master Class about healthy choices and breaking down the Basics I talked about above. A lot of great information in 6 hour long live webinars. Not sure if I’ll be making a workbook to go along with it or not.

So, you see, we have a lot going on this month. I’ll keep you in the loop and we’ll all walk this journey together. It’s how this community is going to be built.

We’re about the whole life. From the foods we put into our bodies to the things we learn. We want a whole lifestyle, not a compartment.

Follow along this month, I know you’ll find value in the things we share and the community we’re building!

Join me!

Manda 🙂